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Janine Tandy biography

Janine Tandy has 17 years of indepth experience teaching Mindfulness, Level 2 Yin Yoga/Self Inquiry and Yang (Vinyasa) Yoga. She is a dedicated teacher and lifelong student of these heart centered practices, staying deeply connected to them with beloved teachers, Ty and Sarah Powers, through their mentorship and continued study in Their 500 Hour Insight Yoga Institute Program. She concentrates on blending her meditation and depth psychology training with yoga practices to bring a more therapeutic approach to her classes. Her committment to a therapeutic approach is weaving in IFS (Internal Systems Therapy) into her practice offerings, as a level 1 IFS Practitioner.

Janine is also a Corporate Mindfulness Facilitator, a Licensed Health Coach from the Institutes for Integrative Nutrition and holds a Master of Public Health degree from New York University. Her philosophy on curating a balanced, healthy life integrates this experience coupled with a unique approach to her students bio-individuality.

The blend of yoga practice, mindfulness, therapy and coaching experience offers Janine’s clients with a unique and supportive approach to whole person well-being

I am passionate about bringing this integrated approach to health and well-being to clients in order to provide life-long tools and practices that manifest a balance and contentment.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic, muscular movement practice that uses a progressive sequencing style to create awareness, flexibility, strength and space within the body. There is a strong commitment to breathe initiated movement with a pace that allows for embodiment of the poses and transitional shapes. This practice takes into consideration we are all unique and will express each posture and transition in  the practice that is suitable to both the current physical and emotional needs of the practitioner.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a method of yoga that incorporates long-held passive postures to nourish the body by stimulating chi/energy flow to joints, connective tissue and bone. These deeper layers of body become more fluid and pliable when addressed in a stillness orientated manner. Yin practice blends Chinese Meridian Theory with yoga postures so that the sequencing of a class is oriented to allow for a smooth flow of energy in the subtle body or energy meridians to create harmony, alleviate blockages or stagnation. This practice is transformative in creating balance in our emotional, psychological and physical realms in an encouraging, and nourishing manner.


Health coaching

Janine’s holistic approach to diet and lifestyle aims to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit through proper food and lifestyle choices in a fun, informative, and sustainable way. It’s not a list of restrictions but a template for what you can do to live a long, healthy, and happy life. As a Certified Health Coach specialising in clients with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and other food allergies, Janine Tandy approaches each client as an individual with unique concerns and provides a program to help gain better control of overall well-being. Whether your concern is reducing stress, becoming more peaceful or eliminating chronic ailments, she aims to heal and sustain the body through safe and natural nutritional choices.


Janine is the antidote to today’s modern lifestyle. Through her guidance, I have managed to enjoy quietness of mind through both her yang and yin practices. Her transitions are beautiful and her words help you stay connected in the moment and asana. She has not only brought my practice to the next level, but the benefits extend far beyond the studio. Thank you for keeping me grounded in the present and for helping me be more kind to myself.

Helen LundebyeStudent

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