Attending to our internal environ in the summer months

Attending to our internal environ in the summer months:

Summer is considered the most Yang season in Traditional Chinese Medicine, one that is about vibrancy, the upward and outward movement of energy and exploring the longer and light filled days. We want to be more active, do more in the day and our daily patterns may shift in accordance.  However, if we “Do” too much, run our energy to depletion, overheat or overcommit ourselves, we can lose our grounding and sense of stability. Our energy can be too much in the head and upper body which can cause insomnia, anxiety and muscle fatigue. 

In order to work with this season and create balance, which is one of the important aspects of a considered yoga practice, we need to incorporate stillness and the act of just “Being” into our day. Whether it is a Yin Yoga practice, seated meditation and/or being in nature reading or relaxing without a lot of intense movement or momentum, we can find this place of being anchored. Less is More