Finding balance and well-being is a balancing act as our centre point or ability to ground is dynamic, a moving target which is often dependent on many areas like the emotional tones we are experiencing, life events, seasons shifting and professional and personal matters.  In order to work with this dynamic quality of life, I align my personal yoga practice and lifestyle with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We have these river like systems of energy moving through the body carrying Chi (Qi) associated with organ pairs that have physical, emotional and psychological attributes.  In addition, each season is associated with the vitality of an organ pair and an element.   So we look to align with where we are within these seasonal cycles  as well as our personal dispositions.

I’d like to spend a few moments talking about the element associated with Autumn, and that is the element of Metal.  This element embodies stillness, downward drawn energy and a heaviness, not in terms of being burdensome but meaning weightiness or value.  It is a time of year to reflect and set intentions on what it is that we truly value, what are our core values?   What do we hold precious to our hearts?  In this Yin orientated season, a great practice to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine is to meditate and write down in a journal how you are aligned in this way.  We look not to external factors for validation or to attach our give us value or meaning, but rather we look within.  This is a great guide moving forward to keep us on a path of focus, intention and authenticity.


Namaste, Janine