Waking up to our lives more fully requires care, curiosity and considered attention.   To be open to possibilities, to life’s incredible beauty and mystery is to be fully present!


As we will soon make a transition into a new year… we have an opportunity to take a pause from our daily routine and tune inwards. To be in relationship with our interior spaces, our truth, where we are in our lives.   In this pause we can reflect on the year that has passed and feel into what has felt significant , what has brought in joy, satisfaction, a sense of purpose, love – all from the place of our truth.   It is a ripe time to discern how we want to feel moving forwards.


Creating intentions for a new year isn’t about hard fast goals or rigid viewpoints, but rather about being open to possibilities, and leaning into practices that allow us to explore our potential.  This in turn, plants the seeds for an enriching life, one that feels spacious and flexible where we feel able to meet the ever changing circumstances that come our way.


A  sacred space will be held on this day retreat to nourish your mind and body with movement practices, yin/self inquiry, pranayama and intentional journaling .  Contact me to register:  spaces will be limited for intimacy and care.

January 2 @ 10:00
10:00 — 15:30 (5h 30′)

Paus Cambridge