Join me as we move through yin and yang yoga practices and mindfulness practices that allow us to feel gathered and grounded.

Autumn is the season where we witness the leaves falling to the ground, days getting shorter and darker – nature moves into a contracting process, one of energy conservation and rest. We, as human beings, and part of this important yearly cycle, look to do the same.

It is a time of year that we let go. To prepare for a time of introspection and rest it is important to examine what our attachments are. How can we let go of what no longer is nourishing if we are less aware of what our habits, behaviours, conditioning and perspectives are?!

In this workshop, we will spend time being with this aspect of our practice. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), it is the season associated with the vitality of our lungs and large intestine, which, when in balance, assist in our ability to let go, among many other important functionalities. We will spend time in meditation, mindful flow and yin yoga/inquiry to be with ourselves with care and curiosity.

October 8 @ 10:00
10:00 — 12:30 (2h 30′)

Camyoga Mitchem’s corner