Join me for a spring edition of my popular, seasonal yang & yin workshops.

Spring, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the season we begin to expand our energy outwards after the quietude and introspection of winter. Spring is about growth, activity, bud break, and clarity of vision – deeply connected to the organs of liver/gallbladder and their optimisation.

In fact, the sense door of the Liver is sight, so when energy is fluid in this energetic aspect of our body, we are able to see clearly, the direction we are going in our lives. In harmony, there will be a smooth emotional flow with our experiences as well as within the sinews of our body

Join me as we explore how to transition gracefully into this new, more yang season. We will engage in movement and stillness posture that allows for the fluidity of energy in the Liver and work on Visioning, to have a clear direction in how our life moves.

March 7 @ 11:00
11:00 — 13:00 (2h)