Yoga, which means to yoke, or to bind, is a beautiful, inclusive practice – of which there are many styles or lineages. Yoga is about cultivating a deep relationship to the self, to feel whole, at ease and grounded. In order for these practices to feel integrative and therapeutic, the thread of mindfulness needs to be woven throughout how they are taught and practised. Mindfulness and movement, for instance, are not mutually exclusive, although they are sometimes taught in that way. If yang yoga or stillness practices are taught without this intentionality, the yoga loses its ability to create that feeling of resiliency and ground for the practitioner, and living the practise off the mat, all the harder as the skilful means of navigating life aligned with your values and authentic self, need to be cultivated with attention and purpose.


Join me for a 3-hour journey/training into how to integrate mindfulness practices into all facets of teaching. From how to create context/theme for a class, weaving the threads of that context into the instructional language and sequential movement (if a yang style class). We will also learn about how to do the same with yin/stillness and meditation classes, how to hold a safe space for students to explore deeper themes of living life with equanimity (working with our joys and our sufferings), seasonal approaches and monthly topics to make lesson planning organized and focused. We will move through some foundational mindfulness together to see how it is felt and delivered, with time to questions and conversations!

March 17 @ 09:30
09:30 — 12:30 (3h)