How is it that we arrive and commit to our practice? Are we living in a way that is more awake, vibrant and embodied? These are great themes to explore as we enter the New Year.  Part of the eight fold path in Buddhism is called”Right Mind”, which can be translated into investigating how we enter and approach our yoga practice on and off the mat.  When we take our seat with intention, without expectations of what can arise and hold a space for our self care, the practice becomes potent and meaningful.  Likewise, how we begin our day matters, do we start our day distracted or immediately on our phones and laptops busying ourselves or do we take time and space to feel clear and grounded.  In this workshop we will explore this important concept in both a yin and yang practice with mindfulness attention.

January 27 @ 14:00
14:00 — 16:00 (2h)

Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre