Autumn, in Tradtional Chinese Medicine, is associated with the vitality of our lungs and connection with the element of Metal.  Metal is known for its preciousness, its ability to transform yet hold its value.  As we shift into this season, it is potent to lean into this theme and spend time understanding what our values mean to us.  To see how they are or arne’t currently informing our day to day life.


I find it potent to ask an important question. “How do I want to Feel”? Each day, how is it that I want to feel? This is intimately linked to understanding what our Core Values are. Core values are the things that really matter most to me. For instance, if I value time, are the ways in which I am conducting my day reflecting that value? If not, then I can pause and make some shifts so that they then to map more closely.

In this day retreat, we will query these questions, journal, meditate and move through yoga practices that help us connect to our values. It will be done in a nourishing environment, with a healthy lunch break and time outdoors weather permitting.


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October 1 @ 10:00
10:00 — 15:00 (5h)

Hemmingford Abbot