This teaching is a reminder that it is ok, in fact helpful and healing, to recognise whatever is present for you in any given moment.


Sometimes it can feel easier to push away or resist feelings or tones that are difficult like worry, frustration or uncertainty, however by creating a safe place for these feelings to land, just as we would with feelings such as joy, contentment and calm, then we are more able to acknowledge our full experience, without holding anything back. If we are experiencing a moment, a day or a week where we feel emotionally wobbly or ungrounded, then we can learn to be with these challenging feelings as they are. It is ok to sometimes not feel ok! This too shall pass…


Join me online for her New Year’s 2021 workshop, where we will be taking time to recognise what is ‘here’ with us at the beginning of the year, without judging it, or trying to fix or correct it. This workshop is about taking a pause to be with yourself. Making space and a softening around our circumstances allows us to relate to ourselves with care, honesty and skill.


We will practice some yang and yin yoga asana alongside some self inquiry practices.

January 31 @ 15:00
15:00 — 17:00 (2h)

Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre