In traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the first of the 2 yang seasons. One in which we see the beginnings of life emerging in Nature around us. Seeds are sprouting, flowers are bursting forth and there is a heightened energy in the air. We look to do the same with our internal systems. Awaken our energies that were perhaps more dormant in Winter, and allow ourselves to move outwards into the world with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor.

In order to do this with fluidity and care, we need to address the needs and vitality of our Liver, the organ associated with this season. The liver is in charge of our internal cleansing processes and is of circulating our Qi in our body, among other important functionalities. In this workshop, we will discuss the role the Liver plays in our internal ecosystem, how we can attend to its needs and what to do when imbalances show up.

We will move through dynamic flow, have time in stillness in yin yoga and lots of mindfulness practices!


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May 7 @ 10:00
10:00 — 12:30 (2h 30′)

Camyoga Mitchem’s corner