Compassion is the heart of all mindfulness and yoga practice…it is the lens in which we look to meet our lives, each moment as it unfolds – with care, inclusivity, tenderness and curiosity.

Importantly, cultivating Compassion begins with our home body, our relationship to self. For many of us, it can feel more challenging to be kind to ourselves as our inner critic or judge/our comparing mind can have a strong voice. It is integral for our whole person well-being, and our relational well-being to explore and shift these narratives that pull us away from inner peace.

Compassion practices are also beneficial for attuning to our liver energy, the meridian that is connected this Spring season in TCM. When there are imbalances in this area of our being, it can manifest in irritability, frustration and anger.  When we can meet these tones with care and curiosity, harmony can be accessed. This workshop will include yin and yang practices, sprinkled with mindfulness and self-inqury.

April 29 @ 10:00
10:00 — 12:30 (2h 30′)

Camyoga Central