2 hour Yin/Yang yoga workshop 2:30-4:30 PM at Satyam Yoga and Wellbeing.

Whether we have a long-term yoga practice, teach yoga or are newer to our practice, we can occasionally get caught up in expectations or ideas about how the experience should be when we roll out our mat, move through postures or sit in meditation. We can fall into comparing ourselves, with other yogis nearby or with how the practice was for us a day or two ago, rather then allowing the practice to unfold and for us to experience each moment of investigation, each sensation and mind state as they arise. In addition, instead of simply ‘being’ on the journey of the yogic path, we can fixate on a destination, attaching to wanting to ‘do’ a pose better, to progress in certain ways, or have our meditation be less of a struggle. All of these can effect our ability to be grounded, present and clear-sighted.This workshop will address this theme in both a yang and  a yin context, working with movement and stillness so that we come back to our Beginners Mind.

September 30 @ 14:30
14:30 — 16:30 (2h)

Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre