The Importance of a Home Practice

Going to a yoga class, having one to one session with your instructor, or even practicing along side a yoga video are great ways to stay focused in your practice, assisted in your growth as a practitioner and to have the sense of Sangha, or community.  However, just as we can create habits or attachments in our personal and  professional lives, we can do so with our yoga.    Our ability to ground or our potential to feel more inhabited can be dependent on certain conditions or even a location, which then makes our centered”ness” conditional.  We don’t have to be a teacher or in a teacher training program to begin to explore what it feels and looks like to roll our mat out, see how we feel in that given moment regardless of circumstances and move around, or sit in stillness or a combination that feels authentic to where we are.  For me, what really started to shift my practice, was 2 years before I began my first Teacher Training, I wrote down snippets of sequence in a notebook, had a play around on the mat, checked in with how I was on a particular day and let unfold what did.  It was empowering, grounding and directive.  This home practice was and continues to be everything to me and still directs and informs my teaching each week.

Time is not a constraint as well, whether you have 10 minutes to site or move,  an hour or something in between, create a ritual for yourself, carve out a space in your living environment to dedicate to yourself in this way.  It pays dividends!