The Importance of Spending Time in Nature

As the summer months influence our habits and activities of the day in terms of spending more time outdoors, it is important for this too to be an opportunity to be mindful and really connect to the earth element. What I mean is that even though we may be feeling the sun on our face, feet in the grass and having longer time in outside pursuits, we don’t want to switch off our ability to really connect to each moment and each breathe and not go into momentum which takes us out of that experience. 

Take a few minutes when you are outside to truly pay attention to the bird song, movement of air on the grass, temperature of the surroundings without distractions of phones or tablets. We will connect to something universal and to things that are outside ourselves, and helps foster an appreciation and gratitude for life. This mantra can be used for such a practice : “May I truly be awake to this moment, this life this breathe.”